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Various - Alan Freemans' History Of Pop 2xLP - VGVG

Various - Alan Freemans' History Of Pop 2xLP - VGVG

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"Alan Freeman's History Of Pop" is a compilation album released on the Arcade Records label in the UK in 1974. The album cover features the title "Alan Freeman's History Of Pop" along with various images.

The album is a double LP compilation that presents a historical overview of popular music, spanning various genres and decades. It includes a wide range of tracks from notable artists and bands that had a significant impact on the music scene.

The tracklist covers a diverse selection of songs from different eras and styles, showcasing the evolution of pop music. The compilation features tracks from artists like Les Paul & Mary Ford, Kay Starr, Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps, Cliff Richard & The Drifters (previously known as The Shadows), Helen Shapiro, The Animals, The Beach Boys, and many more.

The inclusion of songs from different periods of pop music history provides listeners with a glimpse into the changing trends and influences that shaped the genre. "Alan Freeman's History Of Pop" serves as a musical journey through the past and offers a retrospective look at the development of popular music.

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