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Unknown Artist - Top Of The Pops ( 23rd Edition ) - VG+VG+

Unknown Artist - Top Of The Pops ( 23rd Edition ) - VG+VG+

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"Top Of The Pops Vol. 23" is a vinyl LP released on the Hallmark Records label (catalog number SHM 785) in April 1972 in the UK. It is part of the "Top Of The Pops" series, which featured anonymous studio musicians covering popular songs of the time to recreate the feel of the iconic TV show. Here is the tracklist for this volume:

Side A:
1. "Beg, Steal Or Borrow"
2. "Hold Your Head Up"
3. "Sacramento"
4. "Without You"
5. "What Is Life"
6. "Sweet Talking Guy"

Side B:
1. "Alone Again (Naturally)"
2. "Floy Joy"
3. "Meet Me On The Corner"
4. "It's One Of Those Nights"
5. "Back Off Boogaloo"
6. "Too Beautiful To Last"

Like other albums in the series, "Top Of The Pops Vol. 23" aimed to capture the sound and spirit of the time, showcasing popular songs from the rock and pop genres. The musicians on these albums remain uncredited, and the album covers often featured scantily clad models to evoke the glamorous vibe of the era.

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