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Manny Albam - West Side Story - VG+VG+

Manny Albam - West Side Story - VG+VG+

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"Manny Albam And His Jazz Greats – West Side Story" is a jazz album that features Manny Albam and a group of notable jazz musicians performing musical selections from the iconic Broadway musical "West Side Story." Here are the details of the album:

Side A:
1. Prologue And Jet Song - 4:55
2. Something's Coming - 3:43
3. Cool - 4:38
4. Maria - 3:22

Side B:
1. Tonight - 5:50
2. I Feel Pretty - 3:35
3. Somewhere - 2:28
4. Finale (Includes: "I Feel Pretty," "America," And "One Hand, One Heart")

The album showcases the jazz interpretation of songs from "West Side Story," a musical composed by Leonard Bernstein with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Manny Albam and his ensemble bring their own jazz arrangements to these well-known musical pieces, offering a fresh take on the iconic melodies while showcasing the talents of the featured jazz musicians. The album cover likely captures the essence of the music and the period in which it was recorded.

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