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London Symphony Orchestra - " The Music Lovers " - VGVG

London Symphony Orchestra - " The Music Lovers " - VGVG

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"The Music Lovers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" features the music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, performed by André Previn and The London Symphony Orchestra. Released in 1971 on the United Artists Records label, this vinyl LP serves as the soundtrack to the film "The Music Lovers," directed by Ken Russell.

The album includes a selection of Tchaikovsky's compositions, showcasing both well-known pieces and lesser-known works. The tracklist captures various moods and scenes from the film:

Side A:
1. "Scherzo Burlesque" And "Dance Of The Clowns" (Overture - Russian Fair)
2. "Piano Concerto In B Flat Minor - Slow Movement" (Piano Concerto Performance - Summer At Kamenka)
3. "The Letter Song" From "Eugene Onegin" (Tchaikovsky Playing His New Opera)
4. "6th Symphony" And The "Manfred Symphony" (Night Train To Moscow)
5. "String Quartet No. 3 - Andante" (Canal Sequence)

Side B:
1. "Romeo And Juliet - Overture" (Dreams At Brailov)
2. "Miniature March" (Fireworks Sequence)
3. "1812 Overture" (Success)
4. "6th Symphony - Adagio" (Nina's Madness And Tchaikovsky's Death)

The soundtrack album captures the essence of Tchaikovsky's music and its relationship to the events portrayed in the film. It provides a musical journey through various stages of Tchaikovsky's life and his compositions, creating a rich and dramatic listening experience.

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